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Compatible with
any platform
Low operating
Dedicated tech
success team
Based in Europe

Connected electric bikes

Sturdy and easy-to-handle electric bikes with swappable batteries to enhance any mobility offering
Seamless integration through the Zoov API
Engineered by Zoov in France
Operated in 15+ cities

Built to last,
built to be loved

Zoov electric bikes offer the sturdiness of a shared bicycle and the easy handling of your own bicycle. They have a lifespan of over two years and feature a 100%-recyclable aluminium frame and fork.

Enduring the elements

The life of a shared bike can be tough. Our engineering decisions drastically decrease wear and minimize maintenance costs.

Motor lock
vs Physical lock

Torque sensor
vs Gears

Flexible plastic basket
vs Heavy steel basket

Always connected

Zoov electric bikes are the simplest shared bikes to track and maintain on a daily basis, thanks to real-time communication of their GPS position and reporting of more than 50 different forms of data via BLE, WiFi or LTE-M.




BatterySoftware Versionlocation (lat °, lng °)97%1.18.1548.8784,2.2396

Unique self-diagnosis features

Embedded sensors monitor mechanical, electrical, and software systems to proactively detect potential failures before they become problems for users.
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Delivering when it matters

Field Oriented Control technology fine-tunes pedal-assist power to the user’s needs and optimizes battery consumption 30% better than other electric bikes. When inactive, Zoov electric bikes enter low power mode – saving precious energy for the next rider.

Easy-to-swap battery

Zoov batteries have a range of up to 65 kilometres. They are locked electronically and can be swapped in seconds.

Operate in free-floating

Our electric bikes can be operated smoothly and efficiently with or without smart stations, adapting to specific guidelines set by individual cities.
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Smart stations

Ultra-compact, cost-effective parking to unlock smart energy management


Zoov stations can hold 15 bikes within an area the size of a typical car parking space. There’s only one dock to attach the first bike, which is then used to attach another bike.

4 bikes per metre

No road works


Slash operating costs

Battery swapping is one of the main operating costs for shared mobility operators. With our unique Power TransferTM technology, Zoov electric bikes gain up to 5 kilometres of range for every 10 minutes spent at a charging station.

Turbo-charged, On or Off-Grid

Zoov provides the most versatile and adaptable charging technology. Because connecting to the grid is not instantaneous, Zoov charging stations can be plugged into any socket, or can be powered by our own batteries. They can literally be installed anywhere.


Direct plug

Connected to the grid

Repurposing of used batteries

When our electric bikes’ batteries reach 80% of their original charging capacity, we repurpose them in our battery-based charging stations–which drastically increases their lifespan and reduces our carbon footprint.

Only looking for light parking infrastructure? Zoov stations are also available without charging capabilities.

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Connectivity for all

Plug-and-play module to bring connectivity to any existing mobility product or service
Like putting our connected electric bikes’ brain into your own hardware

Instant superpowers

Improve the quality of your product or service with a connected electronic board powered by Zoov.
24/7 Location tracking

Zoov’s proprietary location algorithm delivers the most accurate position by combining GPS, WiFi and smartphone data.

Over-the-air updates

IoT features enable the orchestration of large-scale firmware rollouts and to release valuable updates to users without service interruption.

Real-time data

Zoov bikes' Lightweight M2M communication protocols instantaneously log all events in the backend system.


Zoov technology gives any IoT-enabled vehicle the power to detect potential mechanical, electronical and software failures.

Your ticket to Operational Excellence

Zoov-powered electronic boards are automatically paired with our Ops Excellence suite, enabling you to take full advantage of your new connected fleet, from field maintenance operations to higher-level insights on your activity.
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Ops Excellence

A portfolio of apps to effectively manage day-to-day operations and make profitable unit economics a reality
Can be plugged into any third-party service provider

Maintenance on‑the‑go

Our Maintenance App offers field agents an easy way to manage battery-swapping and technical operations.

Fleet monitoring

Our Admin App provides up-to-date information on the state of the fleet and key indicators to track the operational efficiency.

Activity history

User satisfaction

Fleet availability

Individual bike monitoring

Data & Insights

Our DataCenter App shows where most of the business is done and helps in identifying new growth opportunities.
Usage understanding

Heat maps highlight the most active pick-up and drop-off areas.

Relocation optimizer

Zoov’s algorithm suggests where to put bikes in priority to maximise usage at different times of the day.

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User Services

Give your users the experience they’ve been waiting for and watch usage soar

Top-rated application

Using Zoov electric bikes or Zoov-powered electronic boards, any operator or consumer brand can offer their customers the app – and the features – they’ve been waiting for.

Effortless unlocking & locking

Find bike on map

Theft alerts

Pedal-assist tuning

Activate loudspeaker & turn on lights from a distance

GPS navigation on cycle-friendly routes

Fall detection

Customer Service

The Zoov app comes with multiple contact channels (email, phone or chat) for customer support purposes. All customer requests and related data on rides are centralized in one easy-to-use interface for customer service agents.

Advanced CRM

Sometimes, a few nudges is all it takes to have a big impact on people’s habits. Celebrating users’ milestones or reminding them of a discount code is easy with Zoov’s proprietary mobile CRM tool.
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