The station of tomorrow, today.

Zoov designed the world's lightest and most efficient bike sharing station – solving parking and charging challenges simultaneously.
Smart Station

Lightweight champion

Traditional docking infrastructure requires a significant amount of space and invasive roadworks. It's not cheap either. Zoov stations thrive in tight spaces thanks to single-dock design and simple implementation.

4 bikes per meter

30 minutes setup

Locking electro-magically

Zoov electric bikes use electromagnets, located at the front and rear of the frame, to dock with each another. When active, these electromagnets can resist any external force to keep the bikes safe. To release a bike, users can deactivate the electromagnets by just squeezing the brakes.

Stronger together

Zoov bikes share power. Controlled by an algorithm that optimises charging, each bike in the chain can either transfer or absorb power as required.

Inter-bike charging technology

AI-powered energy balancing

The most adaptable infrastructure

Zoov stations are available in 4 configurations, all of which can be set up in an instant. It only takes a few minutes to switch between the 3 different energy sources: recycled batteries, sockets or the grid.

Charging dock
Grid plug

Charging dock
Socket plug

Charging dock
Repurposed batteries

Basic dock (parking only)

Connected electric bike


Zoov for cities

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