Self-service bikes Zoov

Everything you need to know about our self-service electric bikes in the south of the Greater Paris area.

Download the app

Create an account for free
Use your email address and phone number
Register a payment card
€0.25/minute or monthly subscription, no unlock fees

Take a bike

Enter your destination
The app finds a Zoov nearby to get there
Unlocking your Zoov
Simply scan the bike’s QR code or enter its serial number
Experience an exceptional journey
Integrated navigation will take you safely wherever you need to be

End your ride

Follow the app’s parking instructions
Depending on neighborhoods, you will have to park at a station or in free floating
End your ride with one tap
Bam, your Zoov is locked. Have a nice day!
Ready to roll?
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Our support team is available 7 days a week:
  • Over the phone: +33 1 76 35 09 95
  • Via email:
  • Via the app’s Live Chat