Self-service bikes Zoov

Everything you need to know about our self-service electric bikes in Paris and Bordeaux.

Download the app

Create an account for free
Use your email address and phone number
Register a payment card
€0.25/minute or monthly subscription, no unlock fees

Take a bike

Enter your destination
The app finds a Zoov nearby to get there
Unlocking your Zoov
Simply scan the bike’s QR code or enter its serial number
Experience an exceptional journey
Integrated navigation will take you safely wherever you need to be

End your ride

Follow the app’s parking instructions
Depending on neighborhoods, you will have to park at a station or in free floating
End your ride with one tap
Bam, your Zoov is locked. Have a nice day!
Ready to roll?
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Our support team is available 7 days a week:
  • Over the phone: +33 1 76 35 09 95
  • Via email:
  • Via the app’s Live Chat

The area where bikes can be used is highlighted in blue within the application. You are allowed to ride outside this area for a limited period of time, but you must not end your trip outside this area.

  • If you enter a destination address outside the operating area, the application will display the following message: "Sorry, you can't Zoov to your destination". You cannot travel to this destination with Zoov. We invite you to provide a different destination address.
  • If you attempt to end your trip outside the operating area, the application will display the following message: "You can't end your trip here. Please park in the designated area". We invite you to follow the way displayed on your screen to get back to the operating area.

The price we will charge you is based on the trip duration : 0,25€ per minute, every started minute is due.

Any trip started will be charged at least €0.50, unless you have a promotional code. If you were unable to make your trip, please let us know in the comment section in the app at the end of the trip.

You wanna make a pause during a trip? This function is mainly useful if you need to secure the bike for a brief moment, since it doesn't stop the billing of your trip.

You can also subscribe to one of our subscriptions from the Zoov application.


Corporate Tariff: As an employee, you are interested in getting a station in front of your office? Please contact us at Zoov. You will benefit from discounted prices!

You need to make a stop during your trip and you would like to pick up your Zoov when you come back? Just follow our instructions!

Click on "PAUSE" at the bottom left of your screen to pause your trip. The trip progress bar will be replaced by a clock indicating how long you've been on a break.

Pausing your trip:

  • keeps your booking on the bike
  • will be charged as much as for a regular trip
  • must not last more than 1 hour

To resume your trip, simply click on "RESUME" at the bottom of your screen. Your itinerary will be displayed again on your screen.