Long-term leasing Zoov Life

Rent an electric bike for a monthly fee, no commitment. Now available in Bordeaux.

Top quality electric bike

€69 a month, no commitment

A truly connected experience

Maintenance and anti-theft guarantee

Subscribe to Zoov Life

  • 1. Create an account in the Zoov Life app
  • 2. Select a withdrawal method : pick up or delivery
  • 3. Confirm subscription
  • 4. Withdraw your e-bike
  • 5. Connect your bike through the app and enjoy!

A practical electric bike that is a delight to ride

  • Detachable, rechargeable battery
  • Anti-theft software
  • Control with your smartphone
  • Luggage rack

Seamless, connected experience

  • 24/7 Geolocation of your bike
  • Unlock bike and battery
  • Integrated GPS route-planning
  • Battery and anti-theft alerts
  • Request help
Ready to roll?
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Our support team is available 7 days a week:
  • Over the phone: + 33 9 74 99 73 31
  • Via email: help.life@zoov.eu
  • Via the app’s Live Chat

Zoov Life is a long-term electric bike rental service.

We provide  rental of our bikes on a monthly basis:

  • Once the subscription has been created from the Zoov Life mobile app, you can enjoy a personal bike.
  • You'll get our latest bike model.
  • All functionnalities available in the Zoov Life app (locking, unlocking, GPS navigation, help & assistance, etc.)
  • You benefit from theft insurance and technical assistance at home.
  • No more area restrictions; you can circulate and end your trip wherever you want.

⚠️ The area covered by our operations allowing you to benefit from technical assistance is located inside the ring road of the Bordeaux agglomeration. Outside this area we can't ensure to intervene in less tan 48h.

The Zoov Life solution has been designed for personal and private use.

If you have any difficulties with the app, do not hesitate to contact us via our Live Chat in the app or by telephone on +33 9 74 99 02 66. You can also send us an email at help.life@ zoov.eu

Your subscription is offered at €69/month and is non-binding. You are free to cancel it whenever you want.

(Don't worry, you can register again whenever you want 🙂)

✨ You will always be able to use our self-service bikes with the Zoov Sharing app if you are not using your bike (repair or otherwise). Even better: 100 minutes / month will be offered to you, usable only on the Zoov app (and not Zoov Life).

The long-term rental offer is accessible to people over 18 years old.

To subscribe to this offer, you must download the Zoov Life mobile app and enter your personal information (mobile phone, address, email, etc.)

✨ If you already have a Zoov account, we've got you covered! All you need to do is download the new app and log in to your Zoov account.

All you have to do is confirm your subscription using your payment method and you're done!

In the event of a breakdown, loss of equipment and/or accessory, our team undertakes to intervene within 48 hours to repair your bike, or provide you with a new one if the repair requires more time, at the location of your choice.

You can report your problem directly from the mobile app from the "Help and Assistance" page: do not hesitate to describe the problem precisely by adding photos if necessary.

Our Customer Service will then get back to you quickly to tell you what to do next.

⚠️ We remind you that for the technical assistance to be effective in less than 48h you must be in the area covered by our operations; inside the Bordeaux agglomeration ring road ⚠️

The bike has been designed to fit the majority of people (from 160 to 190cm). It is still equipped with an adjustable saddle :)

You will be able to attach a standard child seat to the luggage rack (removable). All child seats are compatible except those that attach to the seat post.

Warning: The combined weight of the child with the child seat must not exceed 27 kg.

⚠️ The bike cannot support a total load of more than 120 kg. The basket can support 5 kg max and the luggage rack 27 kg max. Please note: the use of a trailer is not permitted.

💡Tip: If you can't find your bike, you can ring it and flash the headlights by pressing and holding your bike icon in the app.


Check out our tutorial video for maintaining your bike!

You can terminate your subscription in the app in the Subscription section, by clicking on "Cancel my subscription". Then follow the instructions:

  • Return the bike to a location specified in the app
  • Make a state of play of the bike
  • Return the charger by post (use the slip received)

Upon receipt of the charger, we will send you an email confirming the termination of your subscription.