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As powerful as a personal electric bike, built to be shared.
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Zoov electric bikes are truly connected devices. They constantly share their position, battery level and much more. Locate in-app and unlock with a single tap.

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position : 44.84,-0.5843

battery : 93%

Full of energy

We've optimized pedal-assist technology to offer the highest level of performance. Battery range is enhanced, enabling Zoov electric bikes to do multiple rides on a single charge.

40 kilometer range

Energy-saving software

Everyday rocket

The software commanding the engine ensures that pedal-assist kicks in right when it's needed, seamlessly supporting the rider in all conditions - even on the toughest of inclines.

Torque sensor, no gears

Up to 25 km/h

Always safe, forever comfortable

We designed our bikes to adhere to the most rigorous security standards, but also to meet the hightest expectations of comfort.

Reinforced tires

26" wheels with reinforced tread centers make for comfortable rides even on cobbled streets.

Ergonomic saddle

An easy-to-grasp handle and fully adjustable saddle height allows riders to find their best riding position.

Disc brake

The Shimano front disc brake offers strong yet smooth braking performance.


Central battery positioning makes for an unrivalled, balanced handling experience.

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