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Zoov is an ebike-sharing service, which integrates seamlessly into its environment.

We have reinvented bicycle parking

Zoov is the only service that guarantees the friendly sharing of public roads thanks to a flexible parking system, which naturally integrates into European towns. Our parking station is compact and easy to install. Zoov bicycles hook on to one another on a single post.

It’s as if you were there

Typing your destination into the app will instantly tell you how long it will take you to get there and how much it will cost. You can then directly book a bicycle.

Auto-pilot mode

Let the GPS system do the work and reach your destination safely as you take the most cycle-friendly route.

Park with peace of mind

Have you reached your destination? End your journey with a single click in the app and take advantage of a guaranteed parking space when you pull up to the station.

Have fun, even during the week

Designed in France, Zoov bicycles offer the sturdiness expected of a shared bicycle and the easy handling of your own bicycle. Whether you are going to work or riding for pleasure, the electric engine will make you feel as if you were flying to your destination.

The 250-Watt motor provides assistance up to 25km per hour and has an integrated locking system.
A torque sensor adapts the level of power to the user without needing to change speed.
The individual battery with a 20km life for lower density areas can also be used to charge smartphones and tablets.
Reinforced tyres to reduce wear and tear and the risk of punctures.
The front basket is made of flexible plastic, with a 12 litre capacity.
The front and back lights light automatically and adjust according to lighting levels, up to 40 lux.

You are in good hands

Each Zoov bicycle has sensors designed to improve maintenance operations and reduce the risk of theft and damage. All diagnostic data of the bicycles are recorded on European servers and are used for the sole purpose of offering the most reliable and safest bike-sharing service possible.

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