The sustainable solution for a quick and enjoyable commute

Give your employees access to a self-service electric bicycle-sharing service.

Their own bicycle, ready whenever they need it

With the Zoov app, all your employees have to do is reserve the nearest bicycle and follow the GPS directions to reach their destination.

Easy access at your office

Install a compact parking station outside your building to give your employees direct access. It’s quick and effortless.

The electric bicycle that your employees would love to buy

Designed in France, Zoov bicycles are sturdy and feature top-of-the-range equipment for maximum safety and comfort.

A fleet that is monitored and maintained by us

Our teams continuously monitor the condition of the bicycles and quickly intervene where needed to ensure optimal availability of the service.

A flexible solution

Our no-obligation offer means that you only pay for the number of employees that use the service.

Zoov is the best solution for…

Your mobility plan

Zoov is a turnkey solution that is ideal for helping employees have an enjoyable and active means of transport.

The well-being of your employees

Cycling reduces the amount of sick leave by 15% and makes employees happier in the workplace.

Your budget

For the same cost as a company car, you can offer 15 employees access to Zoov for a year.

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