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The turnkey solution that puts the excitement back into commuting for employees

Already operational in the south of Greater Paris and in the Bordeaux area


Highly effective and safe electric bikes

  • Range of 40 kilometres
  • Up to 25 km per hour
  • Premium equipment
Coffee break

Accessible right outside your premises

  • Dedicated company station
  • Up to 15 bikes per station
  • Priority supply
Close up app

Mobile app for getting around anywhere

  • Access to all of the region’s bikes
  • GPS navigation to destination
  • Integrated payment

Dedicated local fleet management team

  • Station replenishment
  • Bike charging
  • Maintenance and repair

They installed Zoov stations and have happy employees

“We have a station that only takes up one parking space. Mobility is a very important issue and contributes to our employees’ well-being.”


“This electric bike-sharing service, which fits seamlessly into the urban environment, contributes to the development of mobility solutions in Paris-Saclay.”


“Electric bicycles make commuting over 10 kilometres on a bicycle easy and enjoyable!”

CHU Bordeaux

Rapidly changing habits

In 35% of cases, Zoov self-service electric bikes are used instead of cars.

“Self-service electric bikes are a perfect match for my needs. I don’t want to have my own bike because I don’t want to have to look after it.” ‑ Zoov user

Employees of companies with bike stations use bikes 1.5 times more than employees at companies without a station.

After 6 months’ use, 1 in 2 Zoov users say they have significantly changed how they get around.

Think self-service electric bikes have potential? Let’s take a look.

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