The soft mobility solution that perfectly fits within your town without the need for construction works or investment.

Offer your residents access to a self-service electric bicycle network.

Their own electric bicycle, ready whenever they need it

With the Zoov app, all residents have to do is reserve the nearest bicycle and follow the GPS directions to reach their destination.

Lightweight and easy to install parking stations

We are offering free installation of parking stations in high-density areas. Four times more compact that their competitors, they do not require construction or civil engineering work.

A free service for communities

Our economic model does not require public investment. Zoov can be rolled out in your area in just a few weeks, without any costs on your part.

A fleet that is monitored and maintained by us

Our teams continuously monitor the condition of the bicycles and quickly intervene where needed to ensure optimal availability of the service.

Zoov is good for…

The well-being of your residents

With an electric bicycle, you can offer your residents an efficient and enjoyable travel alternative.

Developing your town

Having a turnkey mobility service is a huge asset to make your area more attractive.

Reducing polluting emissions

Each kilometre travelled using Zoov allows a saving of 200 grams of CO2 emissions.

Do you want to convert to a sustainable mobility solution? Contact us.

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