For cities

The organised and affordable self-service electric bicycle network

Already operational in the south of Greater Paris and in Bordeaux area


Self-service electric bikes for residents

  • Range of 40 kilometers
  • Up to 25 km per hour
  • Unlock using a smartphone app

Organised parking in ultra‑compact stations

  • 15 bikes in one parking space
  • Minimal work
  • 30-minute installation

Dedicated local fleet management team

  • Station replenishment
  • Bike charging
  • Maintenance and repair

They installed Zoov in their city and have happy residents

“We were aware that there was a high demand among residents, which is why we wanted to offer the Zoov service.”

– Michel Bournat, President of the Paris-Saclay urban community, France

“I think this service is highly suited to Palaiseau as the town has hills that are more easily accessible by electric bike.”

– Grégoire de Lasteyrie, Mayor of Palaiseau, France

“The stations take up very little space, which is a good thing in our urban spaces. The infrastructure is light and easy to install.”

– Francisque Vigouroux, Mayor of Igny, France

Rapidly changing habits

In 35% of cases, Zoov self-service electric bikes are used instead of cars.

“Self-service electric bikes are a perfect match for my needs. I don’t want to have my own bike because I don’t want to have to look after it.” ‑ Zoov user

Installing compact stations increases use of the service by 1.5 times compared to a service without a station, and provides an organised system.

After 6 months’ use, 1 in 2 Zoov users say they have significantly changed how they get around.

Why make electric bikes available?

Boost residents’ well-being

With electric bicycles, you can offer your residents an efficient and enjoyable travel alternative.

Boost the appeal of your town

Having self-service electric bikes is a major asset in attracting businesses and residents.

Lower CO2 emissions

Each kilometre travelled using Zoov helps save 200 grammes of CO2.

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