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For cities

Electric bike sharing for cities of all sizes

Already operational in 16 cities from 5000 to 200000+ inhabitants

Zoov has built a turnkey electric bike sharing solution. Together and using our state-of-the-art technology, we are able to launch a cost-efficient scheme tailored to your city, in no time.

The best shared electric bikes

  • Lightweight and easy-to-handle
  • Innovative anti-theft mechanism
  • Unlock with a smartphone app or badge

The lightest charging station on the market

  • Ultra-compact: 4 bikes per meter
  • Minimal work: one dock for 15 electric bikes
  • Adaptable: works on or off grid

Electric bike sharing operations made easy

  • Connected fleet with 24/7 tracking
  • Self diagnosis of potential failures
  • Easy-to-use fleet management tools

Why you should go with Zoov

Your partner, not a provider

Our engineering, marketing and customer support teams make sure your service runs smoothly 24/7.

Full-on customization

The bikes, stations and the application are branded for your city. You can also set your own fares.

Successful operator experience

Complete control of the product plus operational excellence enabled us to reach profitability in just a few months.

Rapidly changing habits

In 35% of cases, Zoov self-service electric bikes are used instead of cars.

“Self-service electric bikes are a perfect match for my needs. I don’t want to have my own bike because I don’t want to have to look after it.” ‑ Zoov user

Employees of companies with bike stations use bikes 1.5 times more than employees at companies without a station.

After 6 months’ use, 1 in 2 Zoov users say they have significantly changed how they get around.

They installed Zoov in their city and have happy residents

“We were aware that there was a high demand among residents, which is why we wanted to offer the Zoov service.”

– Michel Bournat, President of the Paris-Saclay urban community, France

“I think this service is highly suited to Palaiseau as the town has hills that are more easily accessible by electric bike.”

– Grégoire de Lasteyrie, Mayor of Palaiseau, France

“The stations take up very little space, which is a good thing in our urban spaces. The infrastructure is light and easy to install.”

– Francisque Vigouroux, Mayor of Igny, France

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