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Zoov and Smoove: what it means for our existing and future operating partners

by Zoov, on April 9, 2021


It’s a very exciting time ahead for both Zoov and Smoove. It should also excite our partners! Here’s what it means for existing and future partners, both cities and micromobility operators.

Recently, Zoov announced that it was joining forces with Smoove. The new entity will combine experience and innovation to roll out e-bike solutions to suit the needs of any city. It will be driven by the EU’s goal of reducing carbon emissions by 60% by 2030, as well as by contributing significantly to the development of future of cycling production in France.

When any two companies unite, there are always some changes. Here’s what you need to know.

Experience and state-of-the-art technology

Smoove’s experience meets Zoov’s connected electric bikes to create a new, exciting and diversified mobility offering. The biggest things to look out for in the new entity’s offer are the ultra-compact charging stations - reducing friction and using space efficiently to operate in even the most cramped urban areas - and advanced IoT technology - both of which will help cities run smarter services.

Smoove will continue to work with their existing partners in the same way as before, and will propose hardware or software upgrades wherever they can add value. This could be adding 24/7 connectivity to the bikes and/or integrating self-diagnosis features to ensure more efficient operations.

Zoov will continue to partner with cities and operators

Whilst Smoove’s fleets will become ‘smarter’, Zoov will become ‘wiser’ thanks to Smoove’s operational expertise. For existing operators and cities, their partnerships will now be enhanced with this operational know-how coming from Smoove.

The new entity will be even better placed to partner with cities that want to add high-tech, accessible electric bikes to their transport system, and for operators that want them for their fleets.

Smoove’s advanced quality assurance and testing capabilities (15+ people) will ensure that the most advanced electric bikes are ready to face the elements for years to come. They are accustomed to rolling out and supporting the largest and most complex schemes in the world, therefore, the rollout of new technologies on the world stage couldn’t be in better hands. Cities will get even more support up to and during the operational phase - including dedicated account managers to champion the project from our side.  

Fortunately for other micro mobility players, we will continue to trust operators with our technology. Operators will still be able to brand bikes and stations as their own and - if desired - benefit from intelligent fleet management tools and more.

Never stop innovating

Zoov will continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible when you combine IoT technology with built-to-last electric bikes.

Arnaud Le Rodallec, the CEO of Zoov, becomes CPO (Chief Product Officer) in the new entity. The product-focused mindset that got Zoov to the top of the e-bike sharing market - instilled by Arnaud’s strong emphasis on software and connectivity - will continue into the next chapter of the company’s future.

"When we created Zoov in 2017, we wanted to bring our tech DNA to the bike-sharing industry. Four years later, Zoov has created a deep bond between hardware, software and data. This trifecta puts us in the unique position of being able to iterate quickly through multiple evolutions of the product. My focus for the coming years will be to continue strengthening the software services built on top of the hardware to unlock the full potential of our integrated solutions for all our partners."

– Arnaud Le Rodallec - CEO Zoov

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