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Zoov signs a contract with operator Pony to supply shared electric bikes in France

by Zoov, on October 6, 2020


Zoov, the French manufacturer and supplier of high-end shared electric bikes, has announced its partnership with Pony, one of France’s leaders in shared mobility. The first Pony-branded electric bikes, powered by Zoov, are already available on the streets of Grenoble, France.

Pony electric bikes are presently available to use in the city of Grenoble 24 hours a day. To use them, simply download the Pony app and unlock them by scanning the QR code located in the middle of the handlebar or on the mudguard to the rear of the bikes. They have a battery life of up to 40 kilometres and a powerful, single speed electric assist of up to 25 km/h.

Pony, which is also a French start-up, has been chosen as Grenoble’s sole self-service electric bike provider for the next two years.

“After signing our first industry partnership with Bordeaux-based start-up Gouach last April, we are delighted to be able to work with another great French company. This pilot programme represents a new step in building the French micromobility ecosystem.”

— Paul-Adrien CORMERAIS, Co-Founder of pony

“This collaboration between two French start-ups is a first in the ecosystem and thanks to the quality of Zoov’s electric bikes and Pony’s operational excellence, the service offered by Pony promises to be one of the very best in France.”

— Amira HABERAH, Co-Founder of Zoov

Providing the best shared electric bikes to the best operators

Since the company was created in 2017, Zoov has invested several million euros in designing the best shared electric bike, combining sturdiness, easy handling and cutting-edge connectivity. With this high degree of connectivity, it’s never been easier for an operator to integrate high-end electric bikes into their shared mobility service.

Zoov R&D center (Paris, France)

Arnaud Le Rodallec, Co-Founder of Zoov:

“Implementing the electric bike service for Pony was very quick. We offer our corporate clients their own fleet management environment and electric bikes are integrated into their consumer application through API integration. Clients also benefit from visual customisation capabilities on the bike itself. Finally, our clients are able to launch their own shared electric bikes in a matter of weeks.”

In comparison with a predominantly Asian offering, Zoov guarantees operators a robust, truly comfortable shared electric bike, as well as a fleet that is always easy to find and easy to maintain. User safety is also a priority, as is the development of an environmentally friendly value chain through the recycling of all bike parts. New corporate clients will be announced shortly with the aim of bringing the best of e-biking to as many cities as possible.

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