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Company news

Zoov raises €6 million

by Zoov, on January 24, 2019


This 100% European funding round will help finance the roll-out of the service in several conurbations and the pursuit of product development.

An innovative service designed for European cities

Zoov electric bikes and ultra-compact station
Zoov electric bikes and ultra-compact station

Founded in France in 2017 by Eric Carreel, Arnaud Le Rodallec and Amira Haberah, Zoov lets people book an electric bike at any time of day and use GPS to be directed to their destination. The service guarantees a respectful approach to sharing public roads thanks to light, ultra-compact stations in the densest areas, requiring neither public investment nor civil engineering.

The company’s approach to shared mobility is all the more rare as it is based on full control of its service, from design through to operation, to reach an unprecedented level of operational excellence.

Eric Carreel, Co-founder & President of Zoov
Eric Carreel, Co-founder & President of Zoov
“We have been impressed by the quality of the product, which is quite simply redefining the electric bike sector. Designed in just over a year by an exceptional product team, it offers shared electric mobility services opportunities for growth that have never been explored before, and illustrates the unique French talent for innovation. We were naturally keen to be part of the adventure. Alexandre Rossoz, who led this project with strong involvement of the entire team, signed his first investment as a Partner at C4 Ventures.”

– Pascal Cagni, Founder and Managing Director of C4 Ventures

Launching in several French conurbations in 2019

Following on from a 5-month trial in the Saclay region, where 200 shared electric bikes were made available to residents, workers and students in the area, Zoov’s ambition is to establish itself in a number of French conurbations in 2019.

“Mobility is a challenge that goes far beyond the borders of major European capitals like Paris, where there is competition between lots of different mobility companies, often with relative added value for users. We are working with all stakeholders around the country to come up with a solution that best responds to their mobility challenges, making sure it is sustainable.”

– Amira Haberah, co-founder and Sales and Marketing Director of Zoov

In particular, the company plans to offer companies a turnkey solution so that they can offer their employees an active means of transport, by installing stations outside their premises.

Amira Haberah, Co-founder & CMO of Zoov
Amira Haberah, Co-founder & CMO of Zoov

daphni was quickly won over by Zoov’s vision and positioning, as Willy Braun, daphni’s co-founder, explains:

“Zoov fits in perfectly with our investment strategy, which favours services that can transform the lives of citizens and consumers. It is vital that mobility companies go beyond the borders of European mega-cities and grow in large urban areas, throughout the country.”

Doubling the workforce to support development

“Since the company was founded in 2017, all our efforts have been focused on introducing a service offering shared electric bikes that are free from the quality and volume issues that current solutions have,” explains Arnaud Le Rodallec, co-founder and CEO of Zoov.

Additional financing capacities will help Zoov pursue its ambitious product development plan by expanding its evolving team of engineers and researchers, who are at the cutting edge of mechanics, electronics, software and data analysis.

Arnaud Le Rodallec, Co-founder & CEO of Zoov
Arnaud Le Rodallec, Co-founder & CEO of Zoov

Patrice Crisinel, Managing Director and co-founder of Road Ventures, points out:

“The future of mobility is still looking for its champions. Thanks to its high added value offerings and its collaborative approach with businesses and communities, Zoov has everything needed to become a leading solution for clean mobility in Europe. The optimisation of its solution thanks to the use of collected data seems essential to us, and we know that Zoov will be able to make the most of this crucial aspect.”

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