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Zoov-powered pony electric bikes land in Paris

by Zoov, on March 18, 2021


In October 2020, pony and Zoov announced a partnership that brought high-tech electric bikes to the streets of Grenoble. This month, they landed in the French capital.

One of the main challenges of the pandemic has been getting to work whilst respecting social distancing. As many cities across Europe continue to allow workers to travel to the office, companies are doing what they can to help reduce the spread of the virus.

Paris is very densely populated and it can be difficult to get around, especially during rush hour. Pony have come up with a scheme to help alleviate commuter congestion and get people to where they need to be without delay.  

500 pony-branded Zoov electric bikes can be found in and around metro lines 1 and 13, the busiest parts of the city.

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Setting up in Paris is no mean feat

After pony and Zoov’s successful pilot in Grenoble, the logical next step was to expand to another city. Having already won this tender in the environmentally-conscious Grenoble, pony was ready to take on the challenge of Paris. Much like Grenoble, the government is wary about letting new players set up in the city, but perhaps even more so.

You may remember in July 2020 when the local government clamped down on scooter companies, they gave out just 3 licences - 3 golden tickets - to operate in their city. Applicants were judged on their environmental responsibility, the safety of users and their ability to manage and maintain their fleet.

Why Pony chose Zoov bikes

For pony, the safety of their users is paramount. This was one of the main reasons why they chose to operate Zoov’s electric bikes.

“The model developed by Zoov meets the highest standards of quality and safety: ease of use, autonomy and efficient management of logistical and maintenance operations.”  

Paul-Adrien Cormerais and Clara Vaisse, co-founders of pony

When it comes to fleet management, easily swappable batteries and self-diagnosis allow Pony’s team to keep the bikes in perfect condition for riders.

One of the biggest concerns of environmental responsibility is what happens to the bikes and batteries when they are retired. Zoov electric bikes are built to last over 2 years and they have a 100% recyclable aluminium frame. As for the batteries, they are repurposed by the Zoov team when they reach 80% capacity to reduce our environmental footprint.

“This collaboration between two French start-ups is a first in the ecosystem and thanks to the quality of Zoov’s electric bikes and Pony’s operational excellence, the service offered by Pony promises to be one of the very best in France.”

— Amira Haberah, Co-Founder of Zoov

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