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Vulog and Zoov team up to accelerate the development of multimodal mobility services

by Zoov, on July 23, 2020


The two French mobility industry innovators will integrate their technologies to provide operators with top-of-the-line electric bikes and facilitate the deployment of multimodal mobility services.

Vulog, the leading shared mobility technology provider, announced a new partnership with electric bike manufacturer and operator Zoov, expanding upon its expertise in shared mobility and multimodal travel. The partnership will enable the two French companies, both known for their innovation in the mobility industry, to diversify their offering to existing clients and potential prospects. The partnership enables Vulog clients to execute a seamless transition into the multimodal space, allowing users to combine the shared electric bike with other forms of transport (car, metro, etc.) within a single trip to arrive safely, efficiently, and sustainably, at their final destination.

“This new collaboration with Zoov allows us to advance the development of micromobility and multimodal services,” says Gregory Ducongé, CEO of Vulog. “We have now made it faster and simpler to establish an electric bike-sharing service, expanding the number of ways users can travel door-to-door and ultimately reduce traffic congestion and pollution in our cities.”

Zoov’s electric bikes will be integrated with Vulog’s AiMA (Artificial Intelligence Mobility Applied) platform so that they are ‘sharing ready,’ allowing operators to go multimodal faster than ever before. Vulog customers stand to benefit from Zoov electric bikes, which come with a compact parking station that allows up to 15 bikes to park in a single car parking spot.

“Since the inception of the company, we have been working on building the most reliable and sustainable electric bike-sharing service. Partnering with Vulog, we are now able to speed up the adoption of electric bikes as one of the main means of transport in European cities.”

– Amira Haberah, Co-founder of Zoov.

The shared mobility movement is dedicated to reducing dependency on private vehicle ownership and thereby mitigating congestion and pollution in cities. The electric bike is a critical part of the city mobility ecosystem as the majority of urban trips are less than 10 kilometers long. Perfectly adapted for trips of this distance, the electric bike ensures easy and sustainable travel.