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Smoove and Zoov power Smove.City's self-service electric bikes in Belgium

by Zoov, on December 8, 2021


Smove.City has launched its first self-service electric bike service in Kortrijk, Belgium, using Smoove and Zoov’s All-in-One white-label solution for operators. The Belgian startup is likely to use this blueprint to roll out similar schemes across Belgium and, indeed, Europe.

The first 100% electric offer in Kortrijk

Smove.City will offer Kortrijk, a city of nearly 80,000 inhabitants, a fleet of electric bikes that can be accessed 24/7 via a smartphone app. Over the past few decades, Kortrijk has transitioned from a major industrial capital to a town focused on the service sector. With an all-electric service, Smove.City aims to get as many citizens as possible onto saddles, regardless of age or fitness. Several shared mobility services have already emerged in Kortrijk, so there is little doubt that this new electric option will be adopted quickly by the population.

The mobile app allows users to locate, reserve and then unlock any available electric bike in the city - and payments are made securely through the application. Once in the saddle, the user is automatically accompanied by electric assistance tailored to their speed, thanks to a torque sensor located in the pedals, and they can also take full advantage of in-app GPS guidance to get to their destination as simply as possible.

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Spark magic with turnkey solutions

To launch their self-service electric bikes, Smove.City has chosen Smoove and Zoov's All-in-One offer, which includes:

  • Electric bikes
  • A branded user app
  • Fleet management tools for operations managers and field agents
  • An analytics platform to understand service usage and improve performance

Smoove and Zoov work with operators with varying needs. Partners can seamlessly integrate electric bikes into their existing platforms (Pony, E-Vélobleu Nice), use Zoov’s fleet management and analytics tools and white-label user apps (Bloom, Smove.City).

Constantin Vermoere, Founder of Smove.City:

Smoove and Zoov are the ideal partner because of the quality of their support, and the total mastery of everything hardware and software."

Benoit Yameundjeu, Managing Director of Smoove and Zoov:

"The key to our solution is making electric bike services accessible to all types of operators and cities. We are delighted to help our partners like Smove.City to democratise access to electric bikes."

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About Smoove and Zoov

Smoove and Zoov, two French technological champions of sustainable mobility, joined forces in 2021. Having already put hundreds of thousands of people on saddles in 25+ cities across the globe, including Paris, Moscow, Vancouver and Helsinki, the two companies have joined forces to offer universal access to bikes in cities of all sizes. Thanks to a turnkey offer, encompassing short and long-term rental, and the experience of deploying the largest bike services in the world, Smoove and Zoov partner with the cities and operators at the forefront of sustainable mobility.

About Smove.City

SMOVE.CITY is a mobility solution provider that gathers and analyzes movement data in public spaces enabling smart, efficient and relevant transport solutions. We combine real-time mobility data and big-data to engage with decision makers in urban areas.
SMOVE.CITY provides a bike share system including a data based mobility platform dedicated to cities that want to have control over their mobility data.