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Company news

Replay: Zoov Unveil 2020 keynote highlights

by Zoov, on July 2, 2020


Zoov unveiled its latest technological breakthroughs, which stem from our commitment to developing more environmental friendly and profitable shared mobility.

The lightest and most economical charging station

Zoov’s newest generation of ultra-compact stations now make it possible to charge up to 15 shared ebikes in the equivalent of one car parking space, through one single dock. They come 10 times cheaper than those currently available on the market.

Smarter ebike, higher profits

Now Zoov ebikes can perform automatic diagnostic tests that enable them to detect problems, thereby improving maintenance reactivity, increasing the overall availability of the fleet and reducing operating costs.

Speeding things up: anybody’s ticket to profitable ebike sharing

In addition to running operations in two areas, we are now making electric bikes more easily available by allowing other operators to incorporate Zoov electric bikes into their mobility solutions.

We have recently announced a partnership with fellow shared mobility company Vulog that will allow several operators from their portfolio to launch electric bike-sharing services–powered by Zoov.

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