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Company news

Greater Épinal to launch self-service electric bikes powered by Zoov

by Zoov, on June 2, 2021


It's official! Épinal has chosen Zoov for their self-service electric bike system. 150 bikes and 30 stations will be deployed to help people enjoy the hills of the Vosges valley.

Épinal's new electric bikes have been fully customized to their identity

A state-of-the-art service, accessible at the click of a button

Thanks to a dedicated app, users will be able to sign up for the service and hop on a bike whenever they want. They will be able to see a map of all available bikes in real time, and will have access to GPS route planning on every trip. When riding, users should look out for the comfort of the handlebars, the power of the assistance and the lightweight feel of the bikes.

Vilvolt: a complete range of bike services for Greater Épinal

This new Vilvolt bike-sharing service will complement the existing Vilvolt long-term leasing service, creating a 100% electric offer to cater to all needs: occasional journeys, connections to public transport, leisurely rides and just for those that want to try electric bikes!

Self-service bikes meet a variety of mobility needs, but it is also a driver of local dynamism, bringing together communities and reducing the environmental impact of travel. More and more medium-sized towns are realising the benefits of - and reaping the rewards from - self-service electric bikes.

The Greater Épinal area has implemented a 360 degree cycling policy, to which we are delighted to contribute. The initiative that they are showing just goes to show the power of self-service electric bikes in cities of all sizes.

- Amira Haberah, co-founder of Zoov

5 Steps to Launch a Bike-Sharing Service in Your City
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Simplified maintenance through turnkey solutions and support from local players

The service will be managed by Épinal's technicians, who will benefit from Zoov and Smoove's training and technical support throughout the contract. They will also have access to a platform that allows real-time fleet visualisation to monitor and analyse the use of the service. These tools and services have been made possible thanks to the 15 years of operational and technological experience acquired from operating in more than 30 cities across the world.

Zoov makes the pinnacle of self-service electric bikes accessible to all cities with Smoove

Zoov and Smoove recently announced they were joining forces to make the best self-service bicycle solutions universally accessible, whilst continuing to focus on the user experience.

The service (built on connected electric bikes unlock-able via an app) operated by Zoov in Bordeaux and the south of Paris, similar to the one offered to its partner cities, has achieved a rating of 4.9/5 on the App Store.

Ultra-compact and lightweight charging stations provide cities with a quickly-deployable solution that requires a significantly reduced investment and greatly reduced roadworks.

About CAE

The Communauté d'Agglomération d'Épinal (CAE) is located in the Vosges department, in the heart of the Grand Est region. The community has been investing in cycling since 2016, creating safer and more practical cycling infrastructure for cyclists. To cater to the needs of their citizens, they have now embarked on a 10-year land-use plan, in which cycling plays a central role (pardon our French).

About Zoov

Founded in 2017, Zoov has become the technological benchmark for self-service electric bikes thanks to connected, efficient and reliable electric bikes, as well as the world’s most compact and lightweight charging station.

In addition to operating services in the south of Paris and in Bordeaux, Zoov enables cities of all sizes to launch their own self-service systems thanks to a turnkey solution, customizable to the needs of any city.

Zoov's technologies power the fleets of a growing number of cities and operators, notably in Grenoble and Paris.

In March 2021, Zoov joined forces with Smoove - a leader in the electric bike-sharing market (50,000 bikes deployed worldwide) - to become a European leader in sustainable mobility.

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