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Greater Paris

Zoov partners with the RATP in Paris during summer engineering works

by Harry Maxwell, on June 11, 2021


RATP partner with Zoov to offer free electric bike minutes to RER B passengers during scheduled maintenance works this summer.

A sustainable addition to Paris' transport network this summer

Like every year, scheduled engineering works on Paris' rail network causes disruptions to RER lines, which can make it harder for people to get around.

This summer - in addition to running the usual replacement shuttles - the RATP have decided to offer free credits to anyone that uses Zoov shared electric bikes, available in just under 20 communes in the south of the Paris region.

Passengers will be able travel simply and freely to and from RER B stations between Bourg-la-Reine and Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuses.

For anyone:

Using the code ZOOVRATP15, users can get 15 minutes free on their first trip

Anyone can benefit from 15 minutes free on their first electric bike trip. Ro get your free minutes, enter the code 'RATPZOOV15' in the “Payments et discounts' section of the app.

For pass holders:

Navigo & Imagine R users can benefit from this lucrative offer

Navigo or Imagine R ticket holders will get free access to Zoov electric bikes for 15 minutes every day.

The offer is available between 10th July and 20th August 2021. To make the most of it, you simply need to:

  1. Sign up: Download the Zoov app and create an account (3 mins)
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2. Complete the form: pardon our french (3 mins)

Enter your pass details
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We'll send you a confirmation email within 72 hours.

Tackling regional mobility challenges head-on  

Developing inter-modality

This partnership illustrates how public and private sectors can create bridges between different mobility services to form a truly integrated transport network for citizens.

Users will benefit from the flexibility of free-floating electric bikes, but will also be able to park right next to their transport hub with total ease.

Zoov will temporarily install 4 additional stations for the duration of the engineering works, allowing users to find bikes and park them in an orderly, marked out area. The difference between Zoov smart stations and normal bike stations, however, is that a Zoov smart station never runs out of space.

Zoov adds 4 new stations to serve 17 stops on the RER B

Inclusivity without the carbon emissions

Although the RER won't be able to link the inner and outer suburbs to the capital for a few weeks, citizens won't be cut off from the city center; nor will they have to turn to polluting personal vehicles.

Zoov and RATP have made it possible for citizens to travel from their homes to the RER B replacement bus (or regular bus) stop with minimal carbon footprints.

Democratising the use of bikes

As shared electric bikes are universally accessible (both in price and convenience), they are a great way to help people hop on a saddle and go for a test ride - they are also proven to encourage people to cycle to work more often.

"We have observed that when they have the choice, employees can switch from one mobility to another much more easily, from public transportation to micromobility and vice versa. We believe that subscription models are the next step towards developing multimodality".

– Denis Saada, CEO of Betterway

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