Video: What to consider when choosing a hardware partner for your sharing business

by Zoov, on November 5, 2020


In this session, shared mobility pros from Zoov, pony and Vulog answer questions from micro mobility expert Alexandre Gauquelin to give you their secrets to finding or building the best hardware (electric bikes, electric scooters) for your sharing business.


- Amira Haberah, Co-Founder of Zoov 🚲
- Paul-Adrien Cormerais, Co-Founder of pony 🛴🚲
- Stephan Belloni, Presales & Technical Partnerships Director at Vulog 🛴🚲🛵

Shared mobility talk with Zoov, pony and Vulog – Autonomy

What you’ll learn:

✅  Update on the latest hardware and software standards in the shared mobility space
✅  Why investing in innovative and sustainable hardware creates more value than blitz-scaling strategies
✅  How pony divided their operating costs by 20 since they started
✅  How Zoov reached profitability in just its first year of electric bike sharing operations

Oh, we put everything together in a guide 👇

6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Hardware Partner for your Sharing Business
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