Guides for Micromobility Operators: Most Downloaded

by Zoov, on September 1, 2021


Interviews, research and best practices from top micromobility operators, MaaS providers, thought leaders and consultants. No sales pitches. Just industry insights and examples drawn from our own experiences as an operator.

List of guides

Here's a list of our most downloaded guides:

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Profitability in Micromobility
  2. 6 Things to Consider when Choosing a Hardware Partner
  3. 9 Ways to Boost User Retention in Micromobility
  4. 7 Essential User Acquisition Strategies

The Ultimate Guide to Profitability in Micromobility

Profitability in micromobility stems from putting the customer and community at the center of your business, by continuously improving our products and operations, and by focusing on sustainability strategies in every market.

This guide discusses the importance of profitability and how to get there, using notable examples like Lime and Veo. Inside, you'll find new ways to choose the right hardware, reduce operational costs and leverage the power of data to boost revenue.

Length: 23 pages

Featured: ATOM Mobility, Bird, McKinsey & Co, Mobike, pony, Veo, Zoov.

Contributors: ATOM Mobility, Zoba, Zoov.  

6 Things to Consider when Choosing a Hardware Partner

Purchasing vehicles that are “sharing-ready” from a vendor will limit the upfront investment required because you won’t need to dedicate resources to R&D or certification. However, with a variety of hardware options at various performance and cost levels, it is crucial to know what to look for in a future partner.

It has never been easier for entrepreneurs to launch their own fleets of shared electric bikes, scooters or mopeds - but it's still easy to make costly mistakes. Based on our discussions with 30+ mobility operators - and our own experience as a hardware and software provider - here's a simple guide to help you land on the best hardware.

9 Ways to Boost User Retention in Micromobility

Micromobility is an incredibly competitive industry and, despite significant increases in worldwide ridership numbers and growing audiences, keeping existing users on your platform is paramount.

If you're an operator looking to improve user retention and loyalty, this one's for you! We've outlined 9 concrete ways to boost user retention and filled them with real-life examples & success stories.  

Length: 24 pages

Featured: Bain & Company, Bloom, Citymapper, Cityscoot, dott, FREE NOW, Lime, pony, TIER, Uber, Voi Technology, Zoov.

Contributors: Bloom, Zoov.

7 Essential User Acquisition Strategies

The shared mobility market now exceeds $60 billion. Demand is growing and, as more people integrate micromobility solutions into their commutes, there is a whole new market to be won. Operators must have a sound user acquisition strategy to win market share and pave their way towards profitability.

Having analysed top operators and innovative techniques - as well as using our own experience as an operator - we've put together 7 acquisition strategies to improve user acquisition. With a great mix of theory and real life examples, this guide is sure to win you market share.

Length: 28 pages

Featured: Citymapper, Cityscoot, dott, fluctuo, FREE NOW, Google Maps, Hubspot,  Lime, Luna, McKinsey & Co, pony, smart, TIER, Uber, Veo, Voi Technology, Zoov.

Contributors: fluctuo, Voi Technology, Zoov.