Privatize an electric bike off the streets of Bordeaux: Fusion is here.

by Zoov, on September 6, 2021


Price is usually the main obstacle to buying an electric bike, hence the popularity of the more-affordable self-service rental services out there. However, when a user needs a bike on a regular basis - especially outside the city center - the limitations of free-floating services are apparent.

Zoov's long-term leasing offer removes all obstacles to regular electric bike use.

Zoov's Long-term leasing service kicks off in Bordeaux with Fusion!

Your personal electric bike, plus Zoov services

"It's a shame you don't offer subscriptions because after my bike was stolen I could only use yours"

"Everything is perfect, now I just wish I had a subscription".

You asked, we delivered!

This autumn in Bordeaux, we will be making around 100 electric bikes available for long-term leasing. The new generation Zoov bike, Fusion, builds on the existing model’s comfort, handling and performance with several improvements to excite even the most hardcore cyclists.

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What is Fusion?

Fusion is the latest electric bike developed by Zoov with Smoove, who have been operating in Bordeaux since 2019. It features a detachable battery that can be recharged at home, and boasts a range of up to 65km. With it’s luggage rack - compatible with a baby seat - Fusion makes everyday journeys effortless (home to work/school/the shops).

Fusion’s battery is released and locked via the app, allowing users to take the battery home with them to charge.

Like with short-term rentals, users access the service through the app. It allows users to geolocate their bike 24/7, lock or unlock the bike, release the battery for charging, and follow GPS route planning.

Users can have total peace of mind knowing that their bike is guaranteed against theft and that technical assistance will be provided within 24 hours in the event of a problem. And, thanks to the anti-theft engine lock and on-board alarm, there is no need to lock up the bike at home or secure it to street furniture.

All this and more for €69 per month, no commitment - With a subscription-based service that complements the existing self-service offer in place in Bordeaux, users are free to lease a bike for however long they want.

Eligible for ‘Forfait Mobilités Durables’

Want to ride a Fusion every day?

If you make it your main mode of transport for commuting, you can subscribe to the Forfait Mobilités Durables (pardon our French 🇫🇷 - Sustainable Mobility Plan), which entitles you to an annual credit of up to €500 for private sector employees, and €200 for public sector employees.

Simulation of savings with Forfait Mobilités Durables

Private sector employee:

€69 x 12 months = €828

€828 - €500 of FMD = €328/year

or €27.33/month for a private, long-term Zoov subscription

Public sector employee:

€69 x 12 months = €828

€828 - €200 of FMD = €628/year

or €52.33/month for a private, long-term Zoov subscription

Zoov long-term rental: who’s it for?

Long-term rental is ideal for anyone that wants to use a bike often, at an affordable rate, without worrying about anything - whether it be maintenance, parking, damage or theft. Regardless of their current level of use, long-term leasing offers:

  • The springboard to buying a personal bike
  • Guaranteed availability for those who want to be sure of having a bike when they need it, without having to buy one
  • A great back-up/interim solution (or more), if your own bike breaks down


  • How and when do I pay for my subscription?

Once you have signed up to the service, you will be asked to pay for your first month’s subscription. The payment card that you used here will be automatically debited once a month on the date you signed up.

  • Will this service run using the Zoov app?

No, a dedicated app for long-term rentals will be made available.

  • Can I ride my Fusion outside of the Zoov self-service electric bike zone?

The long-term rental active service area will be extended beyond the Bordeaux metropolitan area. The precise boundaries will be specified before the service is launched.

  • No one else can use my Fusion, right?

Absolutely! As soon as you pair your phone with a Fusion electric bike, only you can use it. It is yours until you end your subscription.

  • When can I get my hands on a Fusion and how can I pick it up?

Fusion electric bikes will be available around mid-November. We will inform registered people of its availability first. Sign up for alerts here (places are limited).

Excited to try Fusion? Put your name on the waiting list to know when it drops in Bordeaux!
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  • Can I tell someone I know about this offer?  

We recommend that you do!

  • I would like to benefit from the Forfait Mobilités Durables, how do I sign up?

Here’s how to set up the FMD (pardon my French 🇫🇷)… Now it's up to you 😎