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Move at lightning speed

Rent a shared electric bike at any time for €0.20 per minute and move freely in the south of Greater Paris and in the Bordeaux area.

Ready, Set, Zoov!

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It’s as if you were there

Enter your destination in the Zoov app to find a shared electric bike near you at any time.

En mode pilote automatique

Unlock your Zoov by scanning the QR code and hook your smartphone up to the holder to enjoy GPS navigation.

Garez-vous l’esprit tranquille

Parking at a station or in free-floating: follow the app instructions to park your Zoov responsibly.

Zoovers park responsibly


In dense areas, ultra-compact parking stations guarantee a seamless integration in the city. When there is no parking station around, free-floating parking is allowed at shared mobility and bicycle parking spots.

Get ready to Zoov

Zoov is available in 2 urban areas

Plays well
with others

Zoov-powered electric bikes can run on any platform and can be customized to any brand’s identity. We also offer access to best-in-class fleet management tools and continuous tech support.